$400/ session

Dive into personalized strategies for rapid clarity and focus during this laser session:

  • Experience relief from being overwhelmed

  • Gain actionable insights to boost productivity

  • Receive expert guidance tailored to your needs

Knowing vs doing are two VERY different things, we will use our time to explore the gap between the two and you walk away with suggestions that can be used immediately.

Productivity the Healthy Way Concierge Support

Starting at $1,500

Experience a customized approach to organizing your digital life.

  • Digital clutter elimination

  • Seamless workflow optimization

  • Achieve a sense of achievement and control

We will develop customized productivity strategies that align with the individual's work style, preferences, and objectives. This includes introducing and adapting established methodologies (e.g., PARA Method, GTD) to suit your needs.

Over Voxer or Email, we will make a plan to take action on your most important projects uncovered in the guidance session.

Productivity Maintenance Accountability and Follow-up


Sustain peak productivity with ongoing support and accountability

  • Increased productivity and improved collaboration across your team

  • Bring excitement and energy back to the projects that matter the most

  • Increased sense of control and organization with a streamlined system for success

Here, we will establish accountability structures to ensure you stay on track with your top projects identified in the Guidance session.

Regular follow-up sessions provide an opportunity to assess progress, address emerging challenges, and refine strategies.